Croydon escorts vs London escorts

They say that Croydon is just another part of London these days. but I simply do not see it that way. I have lived in Croydon for the last five years, and I think Croydon has a totally different feel to it. No matter what you say, it still does not feel as busy as London, or as manic. It sort of reminds me of a suburb of London perhaps, but it is certainly not a part of London. As a matter of fact, I have become rather protective of Croydon, and I have even got into dating Croydon escorts.

Dating Croydon escorts

Croydon Escorts
Croydon Escorts Dating

I did not start dating Croydon escorts as soon as I settled in Croydon. It took me a little while to get into dating escorts. At the time when I moved out to Croydon, I was still dating girls in the center of London. That was absolutely fine, but it was very expensive and at the same time, it also meant that I had to stay on in London after work. Coming home, back to Croydon, on the later train, simply knocked the stuffing out of me, and I just ended up feeling really tired over the weekend.

In the end, I was becoming more settled in Croydon so I started to check out the personal services here in Croydon. At first, I wasn’t too sure that I wanted to change escorts services, but in the end I went ahead an tried using Croydon escorts. It was a great experience and the girls at the agency, are just as hot and kinky as many of the girls that I have met in London. Honestly, I think that a lot of the girls, give you a better dating experience than London escorts do at the moment.

London girls

I do think that there are too many escort services in London at the moment. It would be nice to think that they all offered a quality service but I am not so sure that they do. VIP, elite escorts and recommended escorts services are still fine, but many of the newer agencies are not that great. I am not so sure who is running these new agencies, and to be honest, I don’t think that they are being run by Brits. Many of the Croydon escorts are very cosmopolitan but the agencies around Croydon, are still being run by Brits and that makes a difference.

London girls always give me the impression that they are in a hurry. They probably don’t mean to come across this way, but I think that they have a lot of pressure on them to make as much money as possible. It sort of comes across that way, and this is what makes the dating experience so rushed and perhaps a bit impersonal. It is just so much nicer to be able to chill out, and take your time over your dates and pleasure. I am not so sure that I would go back to dating in London even if Croydon escorts closed down.

Croydon escorts

To me, it seems that Croydon escorts have a lot more time for you. That may not be the end of all dates, but it certainly makes them feel more pleasurable and less rushed. I have noticed that the girls don’t always have another date waiting outside the door as many of the girls in London do. Most of the time, there seems to be a it of break for the girl. I like that, and I think this is why so many Croydon escorts, manage to turn your date into a unique experience, and do not make the date feel rushed at all.

Also, it seems to be that most Croydon escorts, pay a bit more attention to personal grooming. The girls in London are more enhanced than the girls out here in Croydon. I don’t that I have come across any Croydon escorts who have been super enhanced. Instead, they seem to be into going to the gym, and keeping themselves fit instead. I think that is so much better, and the girls who work out here in Croydon. are a lot more natural.

Living in Croydon

Dating Girls within Croydon
Dating Girls within Croydon

I moved out to Croydon because property is cheaper here. Before I sol my place in London, I did my sums and worked out that it would be cheaper to live in Croydon. Yes, I have to travel into to London to work, but even so it is cheaper to live in Croydon. I like my lifestyle here in Croydon. It does not have street culture that London does, but there are some great places to go out to eat. During the last couples of months, I have made some great friends, and we sort of hang out.

I have not told any of my friends here in Croydon that I date Croydon escorts. That may seem bit odd to you, but it would be so nice to have a regular girlfriend. At the moment I am working like bad, and by the end of next year, I will have paid off my mortgage. The truth is that I am going to take a different look on life then, and perhaps even start my own business. I am not so sure yet, but I do want to change my life as I cannot carry on dating Croydon escorts forever.

There is no way Croydon is just going to become another part of London, it just has too much personality for that. One thing though, I do hope that Croydon escorts are going to keep their won unique style, and don’t become uniform as so many other escorts services. It is so boring when all of the escorts services do the same thing, and you end up having exactly the same sort of date. It is not for me at all, and I have would rather meet girls who are a bit more natural, and sexy at the same time. Croydon escorts are my girls.